how to set up a new tv

How to Set Up Your TV for the Perfect Movie Night Experience

Getting a TV setup just right can be a difficult task. So this week, we’re going to review some of our best TV setup articles so you can get the most out of your new TV.

First, we need to get the TV mounted.


How to Pick the Perfect TV Mount

Before we buy the mount, we need to know what kind to get. This article runs us through the choices we need to consider, including movability, material, and installation. This is a great place to start if you’re still arranging the room.

Here are some of YFNCG’s top picks for TV mounts:
Lower Price Range – Hangman Products S-2040A No Stud TV Hanger
Mid Price Range – USX Full Motion TV Wall Mount
Higher Price Range – Kanto Full Motion Flat Panel TV Mount
You can also check out our article on 2021’s best TV mounts available from Amazon here.

Now that you know what kind you need, it’s time to pull the trigger and buy a mount. Here we are introduced to the nine best fixed, tilting, and full-motion wall mounts for TVs of all different sizes. Don’t just opt for the cheapest mount; it’s cheaper to buy a sturdy mount than a new TV.

How high should you mount your TV?

This often overlooked question is more important than you might think. As the article explains, a poorly located mount can distort the image, or even damage the TV itself. Take a look at this article to make sure you have the most pleasant viewing experience.

Now we have the mount and know where it’s going. Here are a few more things to consider.

Best TV Remote Apps for Android and iPhone

Did you know you can use your mobile device to control your TV? This article will direct you to the best apps available including options for specific TV brands, universal remotes and for both iOS and Android.

How to Control Your TV Using Amazon Alexa

This article takes you through the step-by-step process of connecting any of your Amazon Echo (Alexa) devices to your TV. There’s also a short list of voice commands to get you started.

There we have it! You should be good to go. Check back next week for a new tech article, hot off the press. As always, if you’re having technology issues, including audio/visual systems and TV mounting, give us a call! Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy is more than happy to help you get your TV set up in no time. Click here to get a quote, or call us today at (877) 300-4050 to make your life simple again.


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