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What is DuckDuckGo?

You may have heard of DuckDuckGo online or from a friend, but still wonder: What is DuckDuckGo? 

DuckDuckGo is an increasingly popular search engine for users that are concerned about privacy. The search engine’s primary value is in not collecting any personal information. Personally identifiable information such as cookies, user agents, and IP addresses are all wiped from the server logs. What that means for you is a private, more secure search (that can’t be linked back to your computer). 

Why it’s useful

What information is really being collected by other search engines though? Is it really a risk? The short answer is yes. Google, Bing, and other search engines commonly collect data such as IP addresses, physical location, phone numbers, your log-in habits, the things you buy and the websites you visit. This information is then used to target you with specific advertisements and search results. The less information websites can gather about you, the less they can use it against you. This is where DuckDuckGo’s security appeals.

In addition to its highly touted security features, DuckDuckGo is still an accurate search engine with high-quality search results. DuckDuckGo is comparable to Google or Bing, but with added privacy.


How to use DuckDuckGo

The most direct method is simply going to their website. If you want the added privacy of DuckDuckGo’s tracker blocker and encryption enforcer, consider adding their Chrome extension for easy access. If you’re looking for a safer experience on your smartphone you can also download their private browser app for both iOS and Android.

The importance of privacy and security cannot be overstated in the world of modern technology. For more advice and helpful information on how to protect your information, check out our blog. We update it regularly with helpful content to make your life easier. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, take a look at our Services page. 

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